Ron Azevedo




    Painted on the side of a 5 story building near the bottom of Andriyivsky Descent,  ‘Revival’ is the work of French graffiti artist Julien  Mallan & Sevastopol (Crimea) artist Alexey Kislov.

The mural depicts a girl in a wreath – a national Ukrainian symbol, below are elements of the ancient Kyiv landscape and the faces of Cossacks. The mural shows us a new Ukraine, which has awoken from a long sleep. This image embodied in the face of a young girl who protects her land and a new generation: the boy in her hand is looking forward to the future with a hope. Blue circles above the head of the girl symbolize Ukraine’s transition to a new level of consciousness.


Andriyivsky Uzviz, Kyiv, Ukraine ~ 10.06.17