Ron Azevedo


“Sucevita” – The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

High walls and defensive towers surround the great monastic complex of Sucevita, giving it the appearance of a fortress. Founded in 1581 by Gheorghe Movila, Bishop of Radauti, massive ramparts and turrets as well as a steeple resting on a star-shaped base tops the church. Massive eaves protect the outside frescoes, painted by local artists in 1602-1604.
The most outstanding painting is the “Ladder of Virtue”, presenting the angels who assist the righteous enter the Paradise, while sinners (depicted as Turks) fall down to be taken by a grinning demon. The ladder of virtues shows the perilous path that faithful followers must tread to reach heaven. Each rung has its corresponding morality. Angels on one side whisper scripture in the ears of heaven-seeking souls. While angels on the other side wage battle against demons who trick weak victims from the true path.

Sucevita Monastery, Bucovina, Romania 10.9.15

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